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  • 100% Grass finished, grass fed beef and lamb
  • Direct, transparent, healthy, and delicious
  • Pastured Poultry fed certified organic grain
  • Committed to building a stronger, fairer, more resilient food system

Welcome to Cairncrest Farm!

My name is Garth, and I started Cairncrest Farm with my wife Alanna, my brother Ed, and my sister-in-law Normandy. From the beginning I had the goal of connecting Brooklyn and the rest of the city directly with a reliable, transparent source of grass fed beef, pastured organic chicken, and more. What do I mean by transparency? You can read all the details about it here, but the basic idea is simple. I want you to have a straightforward answer to any question you might have, and there's a lot of info on the website. But you can also call me directly at (267) 625-0542, and you can visit the farm.

There are plenty of problems with the American food system, but the fundamental issue is opacity. From the exploitative labor conditions of the big processing plants to fraud in farms that purport to do the same thing as mine to confusing labelling at Whole Foods, the companies that put food onto plates rely on secrecy. The solution, I think, is to shorten the supply chain rather than lengthen it, to directly connect people who care about welfare, the environment, and community with farms that share their values.

To this end, Cairncrest Farm delivers to all of Brooklyn every week.

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