Our New York Farm Delivers

100% Grass Fed Beef and Lamb, Organic Pastured Chicken, and Pastured Pork

Farm Favorites

  • Grass Fed Ground Beef
    Grass Fed Ground Beef
    Price/lb: $9.55
    Estimated weight: 1.00 lbs
    Price: $9.55
  • Boneless Chicken Breast
    Boneless Chicken Breast
    Price/lb: $14.49
    Estimated weight: 1.90 lbs
    Price: $27.53
  • Ground Turkey
    Ground Turkey
    Price/lb: $13.99
    Estimated weight: 1.10 lbs
    Price: $15.39
  • Ground Pork
    Ground Pork
    Price/lb: $9.95
    Estimated weight: 1.00 lbs
    Price: $9.95

A Real, Small Farm


  • Your order is carefully packed with an insulated liner and dry ice to ensure it arrives in pristine condition
  • Order by Monday for Wednesday delivery
  • Free shipping on orders over $200


  • All beef and lamb is 100% grass fed and finished
  • Pork and chicken is pastured
  • Chicken is certified organic


  • A real farm in beautiful central New York
  • Committed to healthy livestock and land
  • Have a question? Get in touch!

How It Works

1.) Shop for your favorites

2.) We pack your order

3.) It arrives on your doorstep

4.) You cook a delicious meal

5.) Feel good

6.) Go for a walk with a friend!

Farm Thoughts

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