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Your Field Guide

News, Explainers, and Articles About Food, Farming, and the Politics of Land

Here you'll find big and small picture info on all things related to food and farming - terminology, definitions, and the intricacies of raising pigs and the challenges of producing lab grown meat.

If you're interested in the more personal side of Cairncrest Farm, head over to the How We Farm page.

From the Ground Up

  • Terminology

    A useful guide to words commonly used in pasture based farming.

  • Grass Fed Basics

    If you're new to the world of grass fed and pastured meat, this is a great place to start.

  • Grass Fed vs. Pastured

    Two common terms with important differences.

Deep Dives

  • Grass Fed Chicken

    If someone claims to raise grass fed chicken, you should be skeptical.

  • Reasons to Doubt Lab Grown Meat

    In the past decade there's been immense hype about lab grown meat. So why isn't it in stores yet?