Beef Soup Bones
Cairncrest Farm Beef Soup Bones $26.00
5.2 lbs. Beef Soup Bones, $5.00/lb. Beef bones are the foundation of a nourishing broth 100% grass finished and grass fed beef No antibiotics or hormones Slow cook bones to extract as much nutrition as possible from them Add any aromatics for extra flavor From cows raised on the pristine pastures of Cairncrest Farm  
Chicken Liver
Cairncrest Farm Chicken Liver $15.28
1.7 lbs. Pasture Raised Chicken Liver, $8.99/lb. Delicious, mild, healthy and nutritious - liver from organic, pastured chicken is great fried or made into pate.
Split Marrow Bone
Cairncrest Farm Split Marrow Bone $32.85
3.00 lbs. Split Marrow Bones, $10.95/lb. Marrow bones are great, but they are usually sold as solid rounds, which can make removing the marrow itself hard. These are split lengthwise, which solves this problem and also means you can season all the marrow however you like.
Beef Kidney
Cairncrest Farm Beef Kidney $12.35
1.00 lbs. Beef Kidney, $12.35/lb. This is a traditional ingredient of steak and kidney pie. It's also good pan fried or grilled, or chopped fine and mixed with ground meat.
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Lamb Heart
Cairncrest Farm Lamb Heart $9.95
1.00 lbs. Lamb Heart, $9.95/lb. Much smaller than beef or pork heart, lamb heart is mild but flavorful. Delicious stewed or grilled on skewer.
Chicken Hearts
My Store Chicken Hearts $10.99
1.00 lbs. Chicken Hearts, $10.99/lb. Chicken hearts are delicious and surprisingly versatile. Whether you sear them in a pan, skewer them and grill them, or braise them in wine, they'll be delicious. Some of the most approachable organ meat out there.
Lamb Bones
Cairncrest Farm Lamb Bones $30.00
5.00 lbs. Lamb Bones, $6.00/lb. These bones make a rich, flavorful stock. They're also great for pets.
My Store Pork Hocks $21.00
These are NOT smoked, but they still make a great stew! Slow cook them or smoke them yourself, if you're so inclined
Leaf Lard
My Store Leaf Lard $18.00
3.00 lbs. Leaf Lard, $6.00/lb. The purest fat, perfect for rendering. Rendered lard makes the most delicious doughnuts, pie crusts, and fried potatoes.
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Lamb Liver
Cairncrest Farm Lamb Liver $15.95
1.00 lbs. Lamb Liver, $15.95/lb. Perhaps the most nutrient dense of all foods, liver is a powerhouse of vitamins, minerals and other vital compounds. A little bit goes a long way.
My Store Turkey Necks $15.98
There is nothing better if you want to make stock. These are also great for pets, and they even have enough meat on them to make delicious turkey stew.
Beef Heart
My Store Beef Heart $26.23
Beef heart is a great introduction to organ meats. Slow cooked, it makes an excellent stew
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Lamb Kidney
Cairncrest Farm Lamb Kidney $6.25
.5 lbs. Lamb Kidney, $12.50/lb. Milder than beef kidney but just as nutritionally dense, lamb kidney is great grilled or included in a steak and kidney pie.