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Free Range Chickens

Garth Brown |

Back in the end of May Garth noted that we had some new babies on the farm. The hen we moved down closer to the house to incubate her eggs has yet to return to the flock. She and her one surviving chick (now a poult really) patrol the barnyard, driveway, and stream. She leaves delicious little gifts in random places around the farm. In case it is not obvious, that is the footwell of my tractor. Proof that my tractor is not a daily driver? She also leaves much less welcome deposits all over the floor of the barn. I really ought to catch them and reunite the two birds with their kin. One of these days.


PS - Speaking of chicken news, another one of the English Gamehens took it upon herself to increase her kind's numbers. I don't know where she built her nest, and I didn't notice her disappearance for the three week sit. But for the last few days every animal chore time has included a check on the five new, tiny, chicks she hatched out.

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