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Cairncrest West

Garth Brown |


Perhaps you’ve been wondering what happened to me. I hope no one has been following this blog obsessively enough to remember the post in which I mentioned that my wife and I would be going to a family reunion in August. As a reminder to that huge (hopefully total) majority of you that did not recall my travel plans, I’ve been away celebrating Alanna’s grandparents’ 60th wedding anniversary.

Yes, I’ve just returned from a week in Arizona, and I have several observations:

1.) It is very hot.

2.) It is very dry.

3.) Lots of the plants are prickly.

4.) What little farming knowledge I have would not translate to a southwestern climate.

5.) There are scorpions, which I am having a very difficult time not writing extensively about. They are strange and wondrous creatures.

The reunion itself took place up near the Mogollon Rim, and the elevation made the climate much more moderate than in Phoenix or Tucson. While it was still an unfamiliar landscape, it was less alien than the desert.

As far as food goes, I ate everything, and I enjoyed every last minute. Probably my favorite thing was salmon; though I generally avoid seafood when I’m in a landlocked state, it’s possible to find decent frozen salmon almost anywhere. Also, when I said that salmon was my favorite thing just now, that was a lie. It was obviously coffee.

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