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Garth Brown |

Long time readers of this blog may remember that my 2014 potato crop was less than it might have been. Pink rot struck late in the year, apparently it is the normal for it to develop just as the crop matures, and what looked to be a goodly amount of tubers turned out to be only a small amount because so many had to be discarded. The paltry two crates of potatoes only barely lasted into February before they were all consumed. I don't know whether the dreaded rot will strike again. It likes damp, cool soil conditions, which certainly doesn't describe the garden right now. I'm growing them in different beds than last year, so I hope the rot stays away.

So I've been looking forward to adding potatoes back into my ration since February, and have done so with gusto. The two early varieties I planted are called Adirondack Blue and Dark Red Norland. I prefer the flavor and texture of the Norland, but I certainly don't object to the Blue. I also have a storage potato in the garden, but I can't remember what it's called.

All I've done as far as prep goes is roast them with other veggies and wrap in tin foil and bake. I intend to try making some french fries since I have vunderbar lard. And, I'm going to demonstrate just how off the beaten path I am about some things, I don't think my kids have ever eaten fries before... it'll be an adventure.


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