How We Farm

How We Raise Our Cows

Grass fed beef from a small, ethical farm is completely different than anything you can buy in a grocery store.

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Truly Pastured, Organic Chicken

Our friends at Wrong Direction Farm do an incredible job raising organic, truly pastured chicken and turkey.

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Our Pigs Are Truly Pastured

Pigs are remarkable creatures, and pork from well cared for, pastured pigs is better in every way.

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Exceptional Grass Fed Lamb

Grass-fed lamb is better lamb. Raising sheep on grass and nothing else is ideal.

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Go Deeper On Farming

For more in-depth of a variety of topics head over to the Grass Fed Field Guide. Otherwise, keep scrolling down for the latest blog posts.

  • Grilled Drumsticks with Miso-Honey Sauce
    Drumsticks are my favorite cut of chicken to grill. The meat has plenty of flavor, which means the a good char is complementary rather than overwhelming. They are also much harder than chicken breast or steak to overcook; along with chicken wings, they simply don’t dry seem to dry out the way many other cuts […]
  • Eat Ice Cream for Your Health
    Pictured above: the bowl of ice cream I ate immediately after writing this. If I told you that ice cream was healthy, would you believe me? What if I got more specific and said studies have shown that regularly eating ice cream reduces your chances of developing type 2 diabetes? What if I told you […]
  • Memory, Children, Rabbits, Death
    This time of year the grass is sweet and green, perfect for grazing, but it grows so fast the herd can never keep up. The trouble is that pasture isn’t consistent. After the spring flush — the wonderful period of prolific growth we’re in the middle of now — it will slow down, make seed […]
  • Easy Pork Shoulder “Stir Fry”
    Stir fry is delicious. Done properly, it consists of meat and veggies sliced paper thin, cooked in small batches in a screaming hot wok, then served and eaten immediately. The heat and the speed combine for tender meat and crispy veggies kissed with a lightly charred flavor that recalls the grill. And this is the […]
  • Are Cattle Getting mRNA Vaccines?
    Over the past month or so I’ve received a bunch of calls and emails asking me this. I’ll get the answer out of the way quickly: no, they are not. There are no mRNA vaccines authorized for use in cattle, at least not in the U.S. But the idea is clearly ubiquitous. The National Cattlemen’s […]