How We Farm

How We Raise Our Cows

Grass fed beef from a small, ethical farm is completely different than anything you can buy in a grocery store.

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Truly Pastured, Organic Chicken

Our friends at Wrong Direction Farm do an incredible job raising organic, truly pastured chicken and turkey.

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Our Pigs Are Truly Pastured

Pigs are remarkable creatures, and pork from well cared for, pastured pigs is better in every way.

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Exception Grass Fed Lamb

Grass-fed lamb is better lamb. Raising sheep on grass and nothing else is ideal.

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Go Deeper On Farming

For more in-depth of a variety of topics head over to the Grass Fed Field Guide. Otherwise, keep scrolling down for the latest blog posts.

  • Kabocha Squash Gratin
    I love a good winter winter squash, but I don’t have many go-to recipes other than roasting one or making soup. For kabocha squash, however, neither of these is ideal. What is a kabocha? Developed in Japan, kabocha squash look like little pumpkins, except that they are usually pale to dark green. (I’m also aware […]
  • Grass Fed Beef, Hay Fed Beef
    When it comes to grass fed beef, one major source of confusion is the role of hay. If grass fed cows should only eat grass, what’s this hay stuff? How does it fit in? Luckily, it’s easy to understand once we get our terms straight Like the grass in grass fed beef, hay is actually […]
  • Sous Vide Chuck Steak
    Clarifying a confusing topic On paper it sounds perfect. The chuck is one of the most flavorful cuts of beef out there, which is why it makes such great pot roast or stew. But while a few parts of it are tender enough to eat as steaks, most notably the chuck eye, as a whole […]
  • Why I Don’t Believe in Believer Meat
    I sometimes imagine myself a few years in the future, standing in Price Chopper looking at a full display case of lab grown meat. In this vision I am shaking my head skeptically even as I watch people buy pounds of the stuff. “It’s a gimmick,” I mutter. “They must be subsidizing the cost somehow. […]
  • What Dogs Think and Feel
    In a tragedy that could have been far more tragic, our dog Oban was hit by a truck earlier this month. He was unconscious for five minutes, and he also suffered a deep gash to his chest. Either the head injury or the cut could easily have killed him, but two weeks on he is […]