How We Farm

How We Raise Our Cows

Grass fed beef from a small, ethical farm is completely different than anything you can buy in a grocery store.

Learn more about our how we raise our cows

Truly Pastured Chicken

Our friends at Wrong Direction Farm do an incredible job raising truly pastured chicken and turkey.

Learn more about our chicken and turkey

Our Pigs Are Truly Pastured

Pigs are remarkable creatures, and pork from well cared for, pastured pigs is better in every way.

Learn more about what it means to pasture pigs

Exceptional Grass Fed Lamb

Grass-fed lamb is better lamb. Raising sheep on grass and nothing else is ideal.

Learn more about how we raise sheep

Go Deeper On Farming

For more in-depth of a variety of topics head over to the Grass Fed Field Guide. Otherwise, keep scrolling down for the latest blog posts.

  • Linguine with Italian Sausage and Fresh Cherry Tomatoes
    The secret to this recipe is that the tomato and sausage is roasted on a sheet pan rather than the stove top. Maybe this means it doesn’t technically qualify as sauce, but it taste delicious, and it requires much less attention than trying to brown onions in a skillet. Because this recipe has just a […]
  • Amish Healthcare and the Future of Community
    Out driving earlier this week I passed a sign for an upcoming fundraiser in support of Anabaptist HealthShare, an insurance alternative geared towards communities of Plain People. There were a few dozen Amish setting up tents and tables in front of a new building, still under construction, which I assume will be a clinic. I’ve […]
  • Lab-Grown Meat Doesn’t Belong in the Farm Bill
    Lab-grown meat companies are after a slice of the farm bill. In the words of Eat Just CEO Josh Tetrick, “Some country is going to decide to lead the way in creating alternative proteins and meat and eggs and dairy from plants and from precision fermentation and through cultivating cells…We need to ask ourselves whether […]
  • Bamboo Scams and Environmental Farming
    Farmers are as prone to chasing trends as anyone else. In the past couple decades there have been alpaca bubbles, pigeon pyramid schemes, and absolute manias for a couple different breed of beef cows. For a while everyone wanted to plant hemp for CBD, and with legalization marijuana cultivation took off, but neither has turned […]
  • Boyhood
    “Do you think you cut a diamond with a tool or with a laser?” my son asked a few days ago. “A tool,” I replied. “Yes, because a laser is light, so it just passes through the diamond.”  When he’s explaining something he often emphasizes what he considers the most important idea (“a LASER is […]