grass fed grass finished ground lamb with a sprig of parsley.
Cairncrest Farm 5 pounds Grass Fed Ground Lamb (5 packs, 1 pound each) $74.25 $76.25
5 lbs. Grass Fed Ground Lamb, $14.85/lb. Delicious, mild lamb. Perfect for meatballs, lamb and rice, or any recipe that calls for ground lamb 100% grass fed, grass finished lamb Raised on the vibrant pasture of Cairncrest Farm No antibiotics or hormones Rich but mild flavor 5 individual packs, 1 pound each Healthy and convenient  
Butterflied Leg of Lamb
Cairncrest Farm Butterflied Leg of Lamb $56.38
2.75 lbs. Butterflied Leg of Lamb, $20.50/lb. A butterflied leg of lamb has the bone removed. This not only makes it easier to carve, it gives you a lot more surface are, so even a simple rub of rosemary, sea salt, and olive oil will flavor every piece of lamb. It's a versatile cut, one that can be roasted any number of ways, but that can also be grilled with a bit of care.
Grass Fed Ground Lamb
Cairncrest Farm Grass Fed Ground Lamb $15.25
1 lbs. Ground Lamb, $15.25/lb. Grass fed lamb is exceptionally delicious and nutritious. Our lamb has a rich, mild flavor that supermarket lamb can't compare with. Make meatballs, sauté with kale or other leafy greens, make burgers or shepherd's pie - whatever recipe you follow, our ground lamb will shine. 100% grass fed, grass finished lamb. Raised on the verdant pastures of Cairncrest Farm Mild and flavorful. Ground Lamb Recipes: Lamb Meatballs with Tzatziki
Lamb Bones
Cairncrest Farm Lamb Bones $30.00
5.00 lbs. Lamb Bones, $6.00/lb. These bones make a rich, flavorful stock. They're also great for pets.
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Lamb Leg Steak
My Store Lamb Leg Steak $27.23
1.1 lbs. Lamb Leg Steak, $24.75/lb. Lamb leg steaks have a perfect balance of flavor and tenderness. Grill and serve with salad and roasted potatoes.
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Lamb Liver
Cairncrest Farm Lamb Liver $15.95
1.00 lbs. Lamb Liver, $15.95/lb. Perhaps the most nutrient dense of all foods, liver is a powerhouse of vitamins, minerals and other vital compounds. A little bit goes a long way.
Lamb Loin Chops
Cairncrest Farm Lamb Loin Chops $29.43
1.1 lbs. Lamb Loin Chops, $26.75/lb. These are the equivalent of a t-bone or porterhouse beef steak. That means a medallion of incredibly tender lamb loin packed with grass fed flavor, perfect for the skillet or the grill.
Lamb Shanks
Cairncrest Farm Lamb Shanks $20.15
1.3 lbs. Lamb Shanks, $15.50/lb. Lamb shanks are an excellent candidate for any slow-cooked recipe. Roast them in a low oven, make a Tagine, or braise them in wine. No matter the preparation, you can expect the results to be delicious and tender.
Lamb Stew Meat
My Store Lamb Stew Meat $15.50
1.00 lbs. Lamb Stew Meat, $15.50/lb. Perfect for lamb and barley soup! 100% grass fed, grass finished lamb Cut from the shoulder, perfect for stewing. Very flavorful. From the verdant pastures of Cairncrest Farm.
Rack of Lamb
Cairncrest Farm Rack of Lamb $40.80
1.6 lbs. Rack of Lamb, $25.50/lb. Our rack of lamb is trimmed so that only the rib bones remain. This makes it straightforward to cut a rack into individual chops before or after cooking. However you prepare it, rack of lamb is a tender cut that is best cooked rare. A good meat thermometer is your best friend.