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Beef Heart
My Store Beef Heart $47.20
4.5 lbs. beef heart, $10.49/lb. Beef heart is a great introduction to organ meats. Slow cooked, it makes an excellent stew
Beef-Bacon Burgers
My Store Beef-Bacon Burgers $15.25
1.00 lbs. Beef-Bacon Burgers, $15.25/lb. These luxurious burgers are made with the perfect blend of tasty grass fed beef and just the right amount of bacon to add a savory hint of smoke. Beef is 100% grass fed and finished Bacon is 100% pastured pork No antibiotics or hormones 2 big, 8 oz. patties per pack From the verdant fields of Cairncrest Farm Grill or pan fry These are are so flavorful and delicious that they're sure to be a a cookout favorite.
Boneless Ribeye Delmonico steak
My Store Boneless Ribeye Delmonico steak $54.50
2.00 lbs. Boneless Ribeye Delmonico Steak, $27.25/lb. The boneless ribeye steak, also known as the Delmonico, is the king of the grill. 100% grass finished and grass fed beef From cows raised on the pristine pastures of Cairncrest Farm Great marbling for superior flavor 2 steaks per pack Salt lightly and cook medium-rare
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My Store Chicken Broth/Pet Blend $0.00
This blend is made of ground up chicken backs and other parts that remain after butchering. Because it contains a significant amount of bone, it is legally required to be labelled "not for human consumption." Rest assured that it is the exact same chicken we sell in cuts, and this label is only there to make sure no one confuses it for regular ground chicken. It is also a great way to provide bone if you raw feed your dog or cat.
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My Store Chicken Feet $0.00
Chicken feet make the best, richest stock. Simply cook them at a low simmer for several hours and you'll have a perfect base for any soup or sauce.
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Chicken Hearts
My Store Chicken Hearts $10.99
1.00 lbs. Chicken Hearts, $10.99/lb. Chicken hearts are delicious and surprisingly versatile. Whether you sear them in a pan, skewer them and grill them, or braise them in wine, they'll be delicious. Some of the most approachable organ meat out there.
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My Store Grass Fed Beef Spleen $12.98
One nutrient dense beef spleen from our own 100% grass finished and grass fed beef cows.
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Lamb Leg Steak
My Store Lamb Leg Steak $27.23
1.1 lbs. Lamb Leg Steak, $24.75/lb. Lamb leg steaks have a perfect balance of flavor and tenderness. Grill and serve with salad and roasted potatoes.
Lamb Stew Meat
My Store Lamb Stew Meat $15.50
1.00 lbs. Lamb Stew Meat, $15.50/lb. Perfect for lamb and barley soup! 100% grass fed, grass finished lamb Cut from the shoulder, perfect for stewing. Very flavorful. From the verdant pastures of Cairncrest Farm.
Leaf Lard
My Store Leaf Lard $18.00
3.00 lbs. Leaf Lard, $6.00/lb. The purest fat, perfect for rendering. Rendered lard makes the most delicious doughnuts, pie crusts, and fried potatoes.
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Pasture Raised Turkey Tenderloin
My Store Pasture Raised Turkey Tenderloin $34.18
1.9 lbs. Pasture Raised Turkey Tenderloin, $17.99/lb. More manageable than a full turkey breast, you can cook a turkey tenderloin in any recipe that calls for a boneless chicken breast. Roast it, grill it, or cut it into strips for a salad.
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Pastured Turkey (19 pound)
My Store Pastured Turkey (19 pound) $165.75
19.5 lb. Turkey, $8.50/lb. Fed organic grain, raised on fresh pasture, this is the most delicious turkey you can buy. If you want to know all about how to prepare your thanksgiving bird, check out this guide to all things pastured turkey.
My Store Pork Hocks $21.00
These are NOT smoked, but they still make a great stew! Slow cook them or smoke them yourself, if you're so inclined
My Store Turkey Necks $15.98
There is nothing better if you want to make stock. These are also great for pets, and they even have enough meat on them to make delicious turkey stew.