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What's in a Name?

Garth Brown |

Occasionally I wish we'd chosen a different name for our farm. Its two pressed together consonants is just foreign enough that many people miss-hear me when I tell them the name and think it is a three syllable word, ala 'Karen Crest' or 'Carin Crest'.

On the whole though I'm happy with the name. It comes first from an ancestor Garth and I share who named his (large) house 'Cairncrest'. His last name was Pitcairn, so there is a logical thread there... And then to boot our farm has some shale outcroppings that look almost like stacked stones, so it seemed only appropriate that the name harken to them. Finally, as the lead photo shows, the darn things just keep popping up around the farm!

I built one cairn almost as tall as myself with large rocks when I had a rental mini-excavator two years ago, but last week the cows went for a walk-about (a deer took down their electric line). They found it and pushed it down while scratching.


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