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The Rules

Garth Brown |

During 2015 we are going to eat “exclusively” from our farm. We talked a number of times about how strict to be, and have settled on the following exemptions.

  1. Salt and pepper are allowed.
  2. Vitamins and seaweed are allowed.
  3. Barter is allowed, particularly if the item we’re trading for is produced by the other barterer.
  4. Gifts of food, so long as the giver grew them him/herself, are allowed.
  5. Seasoning added by the butcher to meat we raised e.g. bacon and ham, is allowed.
  6. Cider (mostly hard) made from apples we picked at a nearby farm is allowed. We paid for the apples as it was a u-pick operation. The wild apple crop in 2014 was very poor, so we made an exception about purchasing food for those apples. Plus, we still put in all the labor gathering them and Garth did all the labor fermenting the cider.
  7. I am going to quit if I lose 15% of my starting body weight.

And while doing the boring stuff - a couple of other housekeeping tidbits.

1. Use of the the first-person singular throughout this blog is going to be loose. Stylistically we prefer the way "I" sounds/reads even if in truth "we" would be the more accurate word to describe how I did things. Also, switching back and forth between singular and plural is confusing - reread the prior sentence for confirmation of this fact.

2. If you're interested in following us but might forget to check whether we've posted, I both use and recommend blogtrottr.

Edmund Brown

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