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Garth Brown |

Don't worry, I'm not resorting to small game as a major source of sustenance. If I were, I'd be gearing up to quit in a few days when I hit my 15% weight-loss limit. The lack of variety in my diet is boring though. When I saw this rabbit sitting still on the frozen streambed, I thought, "hmm, something different for dinner would be interesting". I breifly considered roasting it, but not knowing how old and tough it was I didn't dare. So I made big pot of rabbit stew. I think I've only ever had rabbit once prior to this and I can't really remember what it tasted like. I've heard it tastes like "chicken", but I thought it was distinctly different than poultry, and I even cooked it in chicken stock. I wonder if I should have aged it for a few days before cooking it. Aging makes a big difference in the flavor development of all the other meat I'm partial to... I'll try it with the next one, if there is another.

Edmund Brown

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