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A Gray Area

Garth Brown |

I have stumbled upon a gray area in our rules that I did not account for at the outset. Last night I received a gift of a big tub of yogurt. My neighbor drives trucks for Chobani and brought me five pounds of plain yogurt. Chobani is huge and he did not actually make the yogurt, nor did he produce the milk that went into it. On the other hand, his is a vital role in the production of yogurt made in giant volumes. He got it for free, and it was a gift to us (he doesn't even know of our scheme) so it easily passes on those yay-nay chokepoints.Help me decide! Vote "yes" or "no" to eating it in the comments below and I'll go with the majority of our readership's opinion on whether to allow this yogurt. Deadline for voting is 6:30 am Monday morning.

Thanks - Edmund

P.S. I actually have a minor dairy intolerance. I get acne and sinus congestion when I eat dairy products. For several years now I've rarely eaten dairy. But my diet is monotonous enough right now that I'm excited by the prospect of the variation this yogurt could afford me for a few meals. Please vote yes.

Edmund Brown

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