Truly Pastured, Organic Turkeys Shipped to Your Door

Like all the poultry we sell, these turkeys are raised by our friends Rachel and Dave at Wrong Direction Farm. They are certified organic, and being raised on pasture means they eat plenty of grass and other plants. One of these is the perfect centerpiece to a Thanksgiving dinner. Whole turkeys are available beginning in October and on through the holidays, while ground turkey and cuts are in the store year-round.

Beyond Free Range

There are a lot of labels on meat, especially poultry. Of these, few mean less than free range. While the words might conjure images of a flock of regal birds strutting across the open prairie, the reality is anything but. Free range poultry usually lives penned up inside massive barns, with small porches or runs that allow a few birds access to the outside.

In contrast, the turkeys we sell live outside on fresh grass. They are moved to new pasture regularly. Further, they are certified Organic, so they are guaranteed free from pesticides, herbicides, hormones, or anything else.

How To Cook a Pastured Turkey

You should cook a pastured turkey according to your favorite recipe. Of course, there's plenty more to say about this - read this post for all the details on how to cook a pastured organic turkey - but a well raised pastured turkey shouldn't be a challenge to cook.

When are Turkeys Available?

Look for whole turkeys as the holidays approach, meaning the end of October or early November. Ground turkey and turkey cuts, like drumsticks and wings, are generally available year round.

Truly Pastured ORganic

Turkey and Chicken

Chicken Wings
Cairncrest Farm Chicken Wings $15.98
1.5 lbs. Pasture Raised Chicken Wings, $9.99/lb. Whether you prefer them fried or grilled, there is no more flavorful cut than chicken wings.
Pastured Turkey (15 pound)
Cairncrest Farm Pastured Turkey (15 pound) $131.75
15.5 lbs. Turkey, $8.50/lb.   Fed organic grain, raised on fresh pasture, this is the most delicious turkey you can buy. If you want to know all about how to prepare your thanksgiving bird, check out this guide to all things pastured turkey.
Chicken Thighs
Cairncrest Farm Chicken Thighs $32.41
2.30 lbs. Chicken Thighs, $14.09/lb. Meatier than drumsticks, tender enough to grill, flavorful enough to braise - bone-in chicken thighs are a great all around cut. Whether you roast them for a quick meal or grill them with barbecue sauce, you can't go wrong.
Chicken Liver
Cairncrest Farm Chicken Liver $15.28
1.7 lbs. Pasture Raised Chicken Liver, $8.99/lb. Delicious, mild, healthy and nutritious - liver from organic, pastured chicken is great fried or made into pate.