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What I'm Eating 9/1/15

Garth Brown |

This is a dinner from last week, not last night. As you may have noticed Garth and I have not managed to keep up with our aspired to posting schedule. I'm going to redouble my efforts to stay on track for this last 1/3 of the year though...

As you can see I finally made some french fries with my lard. As expected the kids loved them. So far the taste for fried potato hasn't translated to baked or sliced and roasted spuds... I even made some "ketchup" by mashing tomatoes and then gently cooking off most of the water therein. It didn't taste like normal ketchup without added vinegar, but it was good nonetheless.

With a good digital meat thermometer it's hard to mess up a steak. Grass-fed steaks taste so good.


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