Thin-Sliced Beef with Scallion and Crunchy Chili Oil

Thin sliced beef served with rice, topped with chili oil and scallion

Growing up outside of Philadelphia, I always associated thinly shaved beef with cheesesteaks. Perhaps I would have assented on some abstract level that it could be used for other dishes, but I tacitly assumed that the only way anyone ate it in reality was minced on a flat top, put on an Amoroso roll, and topped with onions and provolone or Cheez Whiz.

But in this area age has broadened my perspective. Shaved steak, it turns out, is pretty great. I particularly like using it in stir fry or stir fry adjacent dishes. It rapidly absorbs a marinade, cooks quickly, and is sliced so thin that it is always tender. 


In this dish the meat is seasoned with a simple marinade of soy sauce and honey, then cooked with thin-sliced onion. Fresh scallion and crunchy chili oil are optional, but they add a bright counterpoint to the richness of the beef, which really comes through. 

You could make your own chili oil, but there are plenty of good brands available. Fly By Jing seems to be the most common, and it’s quite tasty, as is the more garlicky Mr. Bing. I actually like Blank Slate Kitchen Sichuan Chili Oil the most of any brand I’ve tried, with the big caveat that I had one jar that was  so mouth-numbing as to be inedible.

Rice is the obvious accompaniment, though soba or ramen noodles would also be delicious. As for veggies, use whatever’s in the fridge — broccoli, bok choy, kale, cabbage, or any combination that strikes your fancy.