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The Meals of Just-ish, Part IV

Garth Brown |

This is the fourth installment in a multi-part series. If you're new to the blog read this post first so you're up to speed.

Last week both Garth and I each had a respective night of little sleep and subsequently had quiet and private coffee cravings. Had we both been insomniac on the same night I suspect we'd have caved and burnt our "coffee day" from Judge Hodgman in a morning of sleep deprivation. I like dangling the carrot of coffee, wine, and chocolate for later months, so it would have been welcome in the moment but regretted in the drinking... Luckily we didn't communicate our tiredness until too late, which means that this month we ate ramen noodles, cooked. The Judge ruled that we have to eat cooked ramen one month and dry ramen another month. His list was long enough that he gave us two extra items that we can exclude at our discretion, so unless we get really stuck I doubt dry ramen will actually make the cut.

What can I say about ramen? It was better than the Kraft Dinner on all fronts - taste, texture, and price. Calorie for calorie the ramen was a way better buy, especially when the cost of added dairy products is factored into the Kraft recipe. If Kraft is bent on world domination it better hurry up and aquire Maruchan.

What else? It doesn't taste as loaded with artificial flavors/ingredients as its label makes clear it is. I enjoy the texture of ramen noodles and bet authentic Japanese ramen is good, not that I've ever had it.


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