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The End, for now

Garth Brown |

This is the very end of my chicken supply. I like chicken soup made from 'retired' egg hens. I dug my last two small chickens out of the bottom of my freezer last week and Normandy made a really great stew over the weekend. Yesterday I finished off the left-overs for lunch.

I'm also staring down the end of the a few other foods -

Potatoes are long gone.

Unless I'm mistaken celery root is gone as of dinner tonight. I had one knocking around in the fridge for a little while, but just ate it.

Squash is running low. I'm perennially amazed at how well winter squash keeps. I harvested it 7 months ago and it's still good. Some of the crop has gone bad and gone to the pigs or started to go and I've caught the gourd before the mold spread throughout. In that case I just carve away the bad parts and cook the rest. It frosted on the early side last September and stopped the cucurbits in their tracks. Some years the frost doesn't force harvest until the first week of October. The best tasting squash I ever grew came from a late harvest, which I attribute to a few more weeks of sugars poured into the fruit.

I have another meal or two worth of frozen kale and frozen green beans.

And the snow. I know it's not a food, but the last of the snow patches in the sheltered spots of the farm are about done. I expect they'll be completely melted by tomorrow or the next day. This winter was long, cold, and windy. I'm really happy to see the end of the snow!


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