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Potato Woes

Garth Brown |

Last year our potato crop was almost a complete failure. Some sort of blight or other disease caused the majority of them to simply disintegrate. So my heart sank when, a few days ago, I was digging some potatoes to cooks for dinner and had one of them turn to mush in my hand when I tried to pick it up. Not only did this give me cause for concern about the rest of the crop, it was also really gross.

I’ve found a few more like it, all in the early blue potatoes. It’s my hope that it is confined to them, since the main storage crop is a few beds away, but I’m not terribly optimistic. I’ve looked at a bunch of potatoes diseases online, and none quite fit the bill. I didn’t see earlier than usual foliage die off, only some of the potatoes show symptoms, (though if last year is an indication, more will succumb as the season progresses), and none of the tomatoes look sick. If any of you readers know what it might be, I’d sure like to identify it.

Note: Obviously, the potato pictured above is not infected. I can find one and get a picture, if it will help but if you imagine a potato that has basically turned to grainy mush you're going to have a fairly accurate idea.


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