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Garth Brown |

It's been a while since I wrote about our pigs. Each year we've had pigs we do a little better at getting a set-up that works well for all the various needs of the animals and the farmer(s). The hoop the pig live in during the winter works great, even without any end walls. Keeping the wind off and the snow out makes for a comfortable environment for the pigs. We started with smaller 12 ft wide hoops made out of chain-link fence poles, but those little hoops are no longer adequate for the larger number of animals we need to house. We're up to a 24 ft x 50 ft "greenhouse" from Craiglist for the main cohort of growing porkers, and we're going to extend it out to 80 ft long this summer. These pigs here are about 3.5 months old and they're running 175-200 lbs. Considering they're born at about 3 lbs, that is some pretty quick weight gain...

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