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Good-bye Onions

Garth Brown |

Back in the winter I thought that May would probably be the most boring and limited month on the home-grown diet. But now that June is half-way over I can definitively state that June is worse than May. I have some salads now, but my roots are so limited that good greens don't compensate for the lack of variety in the vegetable department. I expected to have some early potatoes by the end of June, but now I don't think that will happen. For some unknown reason the potatoes took FOREVER, by which I mean more than a month, to go from starter spud to new shoots. I started chitting them in my house in early May, then planted them out after about a week. Only recently have they really grown, and there are a few laggards that still have not sent up new vines even though I can see the eyes sitting there with miniscule leaves ready to go.

Beets and carrots were slow to get going too, though they are starting to look tasty. I think they suffered from a lack of soil moisture in May as we had unseasonably warm and dry conditions for much of the month. Tiny seedlings can't draw water from very deep in the soil, so they grew slowly. I should install some sort of good sprinkler system on the garden, but haven't gone ahead and done it.

All the remaining roots in the cellar show their age with sprouting leaves, masses of feeder roots trying to grow, a little rot here and there, and generally diminished flavor. I might get one or two more meals with some onions cooked into them, but almost all of them have gone soft and sent up big sprouts.


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