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Forage, Grow, Hunt - Find?

Garth Brown |

The other morning I went out to do my morning chores at about 6:00 am as I usually do. When I walked back down the hill to the house for breakfast I saw a beer can lying on its side in the middle of the road. I wish I could say picking empty beer cans off the side of my road was an extremely uncommon task. Alas, I collect a handful of them several times per year. The distressing thing about it is that I live on a very quiet road with little traffic. If I set my mind to it I could figure out which of the regular drivers rolling past is the routine drink-driver. I hope whoever it is saves all their cans for the Cairncrest hill since it is a relatively isolated stretch of road with no houses for 1/2 a mile. If my hill is the only place the cans drop then the consumption of a beer while driving is not an everyday occurrence. My fear is that he's crushing a beer for breakfast on the way to work though, and my stretch of road is not an especially hot spot for the deposition of empties. If this is the case he could be downing substantial amounts of alcohol every drive.... On the particular morning in this photograph only two cars passed while I was out. I didn't see which two vehicles due to the morning fog that usually socks in the valley this time of year, but judging by the time of day I could probably narrow it to four options.

But the really exceptional thing about this particular find was the weight of the can. It was still full. Found food allowed?

This is a tangent, but it's worth taking to see how the times have changed. Check out these beer commercials from the 50s and early 60s.

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