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Garth Brown |

Normandy suggested I do a post about what exactly I eat over the course of few days. In other posts I wrote about my diet being repetitive... well here's the proof. All the weights are of fully cooked food. I had a hard enough time remembering to weigh things right before I ate them, there was no chance I'd think to weigh raw ingredients. Vegetables were mostly roasted.

April 28th

Breakfast - 4 oz Bacon. 8 oz squash. 12 oz rutabaga.

Lunch - 3 lbs beef/pork stew with a thick broth, moderate chunks of meat and carrot/parsnip/rutabaga. 1 lb applesauce with 2 Tbsp maple syrup on top (the applesauce is quite tart).

Dinner - Morsels of pork while I cooked. 6.5 oz carmelized onion with dandelion root + greens. 11.5 oz ham. 12 oz squash. 8 oz applesauce with 1 oz blueberries and 2 Tbsp maple syrup.

April 29th

Breakfast - 21 oz squash. 1.5 oz bacon. 3 eggs.

Lunch - 2 lbs of pork head stew with rutabaga chunks stirred in. 5 oz bluberries.

Snack - 4 oz raw jerusalem artichoke + 1 oz carrot.

Dinner - 11 oz pork steak. 8 oz carmelized onion + dandelion greens. 13 oz squash.

April 30th

Breakfast - 2 oz ham drippings. 2.5 oz rutabaga. 15 oz squash. 7 oz pork steak.

Lunch - 1.5 lbs head stew. 3.5 oz onion + dandelion greens. 11 oz rutabaga.

Dinner - 10 oz carrot/parsnip/beet. 11 oz ground beef heavy with onions. 5 oz blueberries + 1 Tbsp of maple syrup over them.

May 1st

Breakfast - 4 oz sausage. 13 oz rutabaga. 2 pumpkin pancakes (2 oz pumpkin powder mixed with 4 eggs). Unweighed amount of maple syrup poured over the pancakes.

Lunch - 2 lbs head stew mixed with rutabaga.

Dinner - 12 oz stir-fry of beef/ramps/parsnips. 12 oz beets.

I thought of going on for a whole week, but I doubt there'd be much variation on the trends that are already evident here.

Yes, I did eat stew every lunch all four days. Today was the first time in a week I did not eat stew for lunch. I cooked a pig head on the 28th and it made a huge pot of stew. I froze a lot of it, but I've still been forced to work my way through the pot before the contents turn. If you can deal with an actual animal head on your stove-top I highly recommend stewing one. There is a lot of connective tissue in the head so the broth comes out great, and there was a surprising amount of meat too. They're inexpensive, so there's a bargain in the mix too.


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