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Food for a Year

Garth Brown |

Welcome to our year-long project. Over the coming year my brother and I are going to take the local food movement to its logical and absurd endpoint, and we’re going to blog about it. We’re going to grow all our own food for an entire year*. We’re kicking it off today with the onset of 2015. Several times a week we’re going to write about food, animals, vegetables, and other homestead related things. Obviously we did not decide to do this on a whim since we’re starting in the heart of winter and live in central New York. We began preparing for real last spring when we planted out our whole garden. We also co-own a farm and we have our own grass-fed beef. We have a small flock of chickens. We have some live pigs, but have never butchered one so we don’t have pork… yet.

I am the only member of my nuclear family engaged to live off hyper local food for a year, but as with any strict dietary proscriptions there are impositions on those closest to the ‘dieter’. I want to acknowledge my wife, Normandy, wonderful woman that she is. She is supportive of my harebrained scheme despite the burdens it entails.

*The Rules will be fully elaborated on January 3rd.
Edmund Brown

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