Cairncrest Kids Chronicle

Hard Hitting News, Fresh From the Farm

In these days of consolidated, partisan, sensationalist news, it can be hard to know where to go for high quality, unbiased reporting. This is why I’m thrilled to announce the launch of a new media organization, committed to covering all the most important stories, at least, all the most important stories on Cairncrest Farm. Reported, written, and illustrated by Nyssa, Arden, Rowan, and Ellis, each installment promises to fearlessly look into the pressing issues of the day. The inaugural issue covers topics ranging from profiles of pet rabbits to a picture of a snake to profiles of pet cats. There’s also a maze and a crossword.

But the Chronicle is an old school, print only publication. Until a bigger distribution deal comes through, the only way to get it is to place an order. Think of it this way – you’re paying to support high quality news, and you just happen to get some great grass fed beef in the bargain.

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