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How To Season Firewood

The proper steps to seasoning firewood for clean burning and maximum heat.
Active Time2 hrs
Seasoning time180 d
Total Time180 d 2 hrs
Author: Garth Brown


  • Splitting Tools


  • Green Wood


  • Split Firewood: Split wood burns better and dries faster.
  • Stack Firewood: Don't just make a pile of wood unless you're prepared to wait years for it to fully dry, and don't build stacks of wood with their ends touching. Leave gaps for air to circulate.
  • Keep Off the Rain: Best is a porch or dedicated structure, but flat metal roofing over the top of the stack, with the sides open to allow air circulation, also works. If you use this approach weight down the roofing so it doesn't blow away.
  • Wait: Let the wood dry six months minimum, preferably a year.