Turkey (12-13#)

Turkey (12-13#)

Organically fed and pastured
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These turkeys are the best we've found. Dave, Rachel, and kids do a great job of raising their birds on pasture, feeding them with certified organic grains and providing shade/shelter with movable hoops. 

Turkey tastes dramatically different depending on how it's fed and raised. This is really great turkey because all the various steps are done right.

Many of the birds we're offering are Broad-breasted bronze, which means there are some old-fashioned genetics in their background - heritage turkey if you will. The fact that they're dark feathered means there may be a few dark spots (pin feather roots) or small patches mottled skin. These are not defects, their just not apparent on most turkeys since the conventional turkey has white feathers.

Please note we're selling birds by a package price. Purchasing this bird means we'll pull from the box at delivery and it will just be luck of the draw where it falls between 12 and 13 lbs.

We deliver to Manhattan and Brooklyn. Visit our locations page to see precisely where.