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Beef Shank

Beef Shank

Also called "osso bucco"
$9.25/lb. Avg. 2.5 lb.
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Perhaps the ideal slow cooker piece of meat. Beef shanks transform from a tough lean cut into an unctuous, delectable dish given enough time simmering in broth or even just water. We slow cook for 4+ hours then pull the meat from the pot, shred with forks, and add carmelized onions and/or tomato sauce. While shredding the meat and carmelizing the onions reduce the leftover beef juices in the stove top and pour them over the final product. A simple, out-of-this-world meal results.

Some butchers label this cut "osso bucco" and some call it "soup bones". We believe "shanks" are the most appropriate term for this cut.

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Photo credit - Normandy Alden