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Rendered Lard

Rendered Lard

Large container (4 lbs.)
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Lard from pastured pigs is an amazing cooking fat. It's rendered gently using heat (unlike many vegetable/seed oils that are extracted using toxic solvents like hexane). 

Lard can be used for roasting vegetables in lieu of olive oil or butter. It is great for frying things like homemade french fries. And it is the best fat for baking - breads, muffiins, pie crusts and other pastries all come out better when lard is the primary cooking fat on the ingredient list. Pastured lard is less expensive than good quality butter. Better baked goods and save money? Win-win.

Interestingly, lard from pastured pigs contains a healthy dose of Vitamin D. Vitamin D is fat soluble, and since our pigs get plenty of sunshine out in the pasture they synthesize it in abundance and store it in their fat. 

And here are even more reasons lard from pastured pigs is great - 

- less saturated fat than butter

- oleic acid comprises more than 50% of the fat (olive oil is primarily oleic acid).

If you want some more reasons check out this article.

Photo credit - Normandy Alden


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