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Pastured Pork Essentials - $165

Pastured Pork Essentials - $165

17 pounds of pastured pork
$9.75/lb. Avg. 17 lb.
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This is a selection of the tastiest, most popular cuts of pastured pork. There's sausage and bacon for quick meals, a shoulder roast and ribs for the slow cooker, and pork chops for the skillet or grill.

4 packages of ground pork (4 lbs.)

2 packages of mild Italian sausage (2 lbs.)

2 packages of breakfast sausage (2 lbs.)

2 packages of no-nitrate bacon (2 lbs.)

1 picnic shoulder (3.3 lbs)

2 packages of pork chops (1.2 lbs.)

2-4 packages of back ribs (2.5 lbs.)

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