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Beef & Bacon Burgers

Beef & Bacon Burgers

Two big patties
$10.95/lb. Avg. 1 lb.
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These are nice big burgers that weigh in at about 1/2 lb each.

This is the one beef product we sell that is not entirely grass-fed & grass-finished because there's pork bacon blended into the patties. Our pigs live their lives outside on pastures, but they're supplemented with grain so their pork is not "grass fed/grass finished". The majority of the meat in these patties is beef though, so if you're not too puritanical about a hint of bacon in you burger... they're worth it.

We ship grass-fed and grass-finished beef in to NYC, Boston, and Philadelphia.


Grass-fed & grass-finished beef, Pastured Pork, Salt, Brown Sugar.