About 1 lb. per pack. Also available in larger quantities in our bundle savings section.

Bacon is always delicious, and this particular product uses a simple recipe that tastes great. This bacon is equivalent to premium "uncured" bacons available at high-end grocery stores in that the nitrates used in the cure come from celery salt, not sodium nitrate. If the label says "Uncured" and the product is pinkish, look for the asterisk - it will say something about celery salt/powder... If bacon or ham is pinkish in hue it has added nitrates in it. The ONLY way to get a pinkish color and "hammy" flavor in pork is to add nitrates during the cure. We do offer a truly no-nitrate added bacon for those who are intent on avoiding them.

Photo credit - Normandy Alden


Pork, Sea salt, Demerara sugar, celery root powder