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1/4 Cow - 85 lbs

1/4 Cow - 85 lbs

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This is a great selection of cuts, from staples like ground beef and chuck roasts to steaks and filet. This bundle includes the amount of meat that comes for a 1/4 cow:

4 Boneless Sirloin steaks (one large steak per pack)

4 NY Strip steaks (two packages)

4 Delmonico steaks (two packages of 2 steaks each)

4 Filet Mignon (two medallions per pack)

4 packs of Chipsteak

3 London Broil

3 packages of hamburger patties 

2 Shanks

1 Eye of Round roast

2 Chuck Eye roasts 

5 packs of stew meat.

Approximately 40 lbs of ground beef. This will vary by a few pounds to bring the total weight to 85 lbs.