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1/2 Lamb - about 23-24 lbs

1/2 Lamb - about 23-24 lbs

A variety of cuts from 1/2 a lamb
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$14.55/lb. $13.50/lb. Avg. 23.5 lb.
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Our sheep are Katahdins, a hair breed as opposed to a wool breed. Hair sheep are known for their milder flavors and even the older sheep in our flock do not develop into strong mutton. We raise 100% grass-fed lamb for optimum healthfulness of the meat. Grass-fed lamb is known for it's more complex bouquet and this definitely holds true for our flock.

Each 1/2 lamb bundle contains the following cuts - 

Butterflied leg of lamb 

Rack of lamb 

Neck Roast for stew 

Shoulder Blade Chops 

Round Bone Chop 

Loin Chops 

Ground Lamb 

Riblets for stewing or smoking 

Lamb Shanks 

All cuts are vacuum packed and frozen. 

From our lush central New York pastures, delivered to your neighborhood in Brooklyn NY, Red Hook NY, Park Slope NY, Chestnut Ridge NY, Parsippany NJ and Bryn Athyn PA.

Lamb graphic by Alanna Rose