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Navel Brisket with Cabbage
This simple recipe is quick to put together but results in a dish with remarkable complexity. The richness of the beef complements the caramelized cabbage and carrots. Serve with noodles or rice if desired, but it's also great by itself.
Buttermilk and Mashed Potato Doughnuts
These buttermilk and mashed potato doughnuts are fluffy and light, not overly sweet, and do not leave you with a heavy feeling so common after eating a doughnut fried in vegetable oil. The secret? Cooking them in our Pastured Lard. After an exhaustive period of exploration cooking every doughnut recipe that seemed worthy for my attention I finally adapted a mashed potato doughnut recipe I came across on Serious Eats. This is the recipe I use for special occasions and the one I make on Christmas morning. * A note for those of us who prefer to bake with Einkorn wheat: If you want to replace all purpose flour cup for cup with Einkorn wheat all purpose flour and not end up with a sticky mess the trick is reducing the liquid components of the recipe by 1/4. When making this recipe with Einkorn flour I reduce the buttermilk to 3/4 cups. The eggs and the vanilla I leave alone. You’ll thank me later. ** A note to those of us who like to make this recipe in two rounds: If you keep this dough in the fridge for longer than a few hours (I’ve kept the second portion for as many as 48 hours) the dough will begin to look like witches food (i.e., green) even though it’s been wrapped tightly in plastic wrap. That is merely oxidation. It’s fine to eat and fine to cook. In fact, it may even be better to eat because the flour in the dough has had time to become fully saturated by the liquid elements in the recipe. I do find that the second batch of dough doesn’t rise as high when dropped in the oil. (This makes sense because the buttermilk and baking soda have already undergone their reactions together so there’s less potential for expansion when fried.) The only problem in this scenario is the reaction inside of us. Let’s name it. Let’s call it “WARNING!” There is natural (and freakishly strong) desire to not be sickened by our food. We all have it. I understand it well. I appreciate what it has to offer and it needs to be told that this doughnut dough is going to be very good. Repeat after me: ‘This is safe to eat and it is going to be delicious.’ Okay, now make your second batch.
Crustless Bacon and Havarti Quiche
This straightforward quiche comes together quickly, and its thinness helps it cook evenly. Serve it with toast and veggies.
Savory Sweet Country-Style Ribs
Country-style ribs are an under appreciated cut, and this simple recipe can be adapted to fit any flavor preference.
Seared Romaine Hearts with No-nitrate Bacon and Orange
High heat caramelizes the sugars in insipid looking romaine hearts and brings out unexpected artichoke flavors. Sacrifice them on the stove top and your weakest vegetable is transformed.
Collagen Bars
A delicious, whole food alternative to energy bars you buy in the store.
Hamburger Rice
Growing up Garth and Ed's grandma would make this for lunch each Friday. It is about as simple and quick as a weeknight meal can get, but it can be modified in an endless number of ways, and even picky kids usually like it.
Pork Chops with Maple-Mustard Sauce
This is a super fast preparation, but the result is a deliciously cooked pork chop with a complex, classy, pan sauce.
The BEST Chocolate Muffins
Chocolate muffin of the ages. Simple. Rich. Sublime.

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