White Pine Salve


Wildwood Herbal from Hawk Circle


Olive oil, white pine, menthol, beeswax, 100% organic therapeutic grade essential oils.

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We are pleased to offer the healing salves of our neighbor, Trista Haggerty of Hawk Circle in Cherry Valley, NY. She is an experienced herbalist and carefully prepares these special salves to bring the healing properties of the forest to you.

The Eastern White Pine (pinus strobus) is a valuable medicinal plant. This majestic tree has a long history of applications for all manner of physical ills, including an excellent remedy for coughs and colds. The inner bark, resin, needles and roots all have specific health purposes. The Iroquois and Micmac tribes used it as a panacea, finding its inner bark and resins to be a healing wonder for coughs, bronchitis, laryngitis and chest congestion. When Europeans first arrived in America, they reportedly followed the wisdom of the natives and drank tea made with Eastern White Pine needles to ward off disease. The blue-green needles are extremely rich in vitamin C.

Use this salve for anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, stimulating and relaxant, aromatic, pungent, and stabilizing purposes (sore muscles, aching joints, bruises). Put some on your chest for congestion relief.

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