Drawing Salve


Wildwood Herbal from Hawk Circle


Olive oil, activated charcoal, beeswax, lavender and clove essential oils.

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We are pleased to offer the healing salves of our neighbor, Trista Haggerty of Hawk Circle in Cherry Valley, NY. She is an experienced herbalist and carefully prepares these special salves to bring the healing properties of the forest to you.

Activated charcoal has been used since antiquity to pull bacteria from wounds to relieve or prevent infection. When used topically, as a poultice, it provides amazing drawing properties that pull infectious bacteria from wounds and boils. Modern day use also includes helping to heal acne with younger people.

Application: Make sure area has been cleaned well. Put a generous amount of black salve on the wound or splinter and cover with gauze or a large bandaid.

Leave at least a few hours or overnight to allow it to draw out the infection or object. Some things (like glass… in my experience) may take a day or two and several applications to draw out an object.


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