1/4 Cow Grass Fed Beef Bundle

Price/lb: $10.79
Estimated weight: 72.00 lbs
Estimated price*: $776.88

*Final price determined by exact weight.

75 pounds of delicious grass fed beef!

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    This is a mixed quarter, which means it includes favorite cuts from the front quarter, like bone in ribeye steaks, briskets, and chuck roast, as well as cuts from the rear quarter, like strip and sirloin steaks. This bundle consists of about 38 pounds of cuts and 38 pounds of ground beef. Individual weights will vary slightly.

    1 Brisket, 3#

    2 NY Strip steaks in one pack, 1.4#

    2 Packs of Short Ribs 6.5#

    1 Flank OR Skirt steak 1.4#

    1 Pack Shanks 2.7#

    2 Chuck Roasts 6.5#

    2 Packs Stir Fry 2.4#

    2 Pack of Kabobs 2.8#

    2 Packs of Stew 2.6#

    1 Eye of Round Roast 1.5#

    1 Large Sirloin Steak 1.9#

    3 Individually packed Bone-In Ribeyes 4.0#

    1 Pack of Filet Mignon 1.0#

    38 Packs of Ground Beef 38#

    The combined retail value of the cuts is $11.45/lb.


    Weight72 lbs
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