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My name is Garth (I'm the tall one without a beard). I started Cairncrest Farm with my wife Alanna, my brother Ed, and my sister-in-law Normandy. Along the way we've added four kids, three cats, and one dog. We are enthusiastically committed to creating and sharing real, nourishing food. Whether it's 100% grass finished, grass fed beef, certified organic chicken, or gifts from local artisans, everything we sell is a representation of our belief in the beauty and joy that can be found in a healthy farm ecosystem.

There's lots to say about all this. You can keep scrolling for more about the farm, or look in the menu for info about a particular topic. If you have a question you don't see the answer to you can call me at (267) 625-0542, or email Alanna at

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100% Grass Finished, Grass Fed Beef

Grass fed beef from a small, ethical farm is completely different than anything you can buy in a grocery store.

Learn more about our grass-fed beef

Organic, Truly Pastured Chicken and Turkey

Our friends at Wrong Direction Farm do an incredible job raising organic, truly pastured chicken and turkey.

Learn more about our organic chicken and turkey

100% Grass-fed & Grass-finished Lamb

Grass-fed lamb is better lamb. Raising sheep on grass and nothing else is ideal.

Learn more about our grass-fed lamb

Truly Pastured Pork

Pigs are remarkable creatures, and pork from well cared for, pastured pigs is better in every way.

Learn more about our pastured pork

What We've Been Thinking About

A Gray Area

I have stumbled upon a gray area in our rules that I did not account for at the outset. Last night I received a gift of a big tub of yogurt. My neighbor drives trucks for Chobani and brought me five pounds of plain yogurt. Chobani is huge and he did not actually make the yogurt, nor did...


Despite the title of this post, no, I didn't go so far as to require all my food be cooked by wood. Modern stoves are convenient and time-saving and believe it or not, I do plan to do things other than feed myself this year. Yesterday, while chopping several lunches worth of roots to roast,...

The Cows of Winter

In a previous post I mentioned that I don’t think I’m particularly prone to anthropomorphizing the livestock. While I do think they have states that vary, I doubt very much these are similar enough to the commonly understood meanings of the words like “emotion” or “mood” to make them useful. But not ascribing to cows the...