How to Buy

Grass-fed Beef, Organic Chicken, Pastured Pork, Grass-fed Lamb, and more, Shipped from Our Farm to Your Door

•$85 dollar minimum, free shipping on orders over $200

•Shipped via FedEx or UPS

•Delivered on Wednesday, every week

1.) We are a real farm, located in central New York. Many other sites that sell grass fed beef, pastured organic chicken, and more are middlemen rather than farmers. We raise our own grass fed beef, lamb, and pastured pork. The chicken we sell comes exclusively from our good friends at Wrong Direction Farm, with who we work closely and share values.

2.) We have clear, straightforward pricing. Buying real, healthy food from a small farm costs more than the grocery store. We don't try to hide the true cost by selling by the serving, piece or portion. We sell by the pound, so know the real price of what you're choosing to buy.

Because we only charge for the exact weight of the specific cuts we send to you, we cannot know the exact cost of your order until it's packed. So if a steak weighs only .9 poundseven though the average weight is listed at 1 pound, you will only be charged for what you actually get. Your final charge will never be more than 10% higher than your estimate, and usually it will be within a few dollars of it.

We ship on Tuesdays with orders delivered on Wednesdays.

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