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Common Questions

  1. We are a real farm, located in central New York, and we sell grass-fed beef and pastured pork that we raise. With other products, like the organic-fed poultry we offer, we have a personal relationship built on shared values with the local farmer who supplies us.
  2. We have clear, straightforward pricing. We do not force you into a subscription, and we do not sell "by the piece" or "by the serving." Order only what you want, and pay by the pound for only the specific items you choose.
  3. We strive for transparency. Our website has lots of information about how we farm, but we also welcome farm visits and emailed questions. Or call Garth at (267) 625-0542.

We only charge you for the specific cuts of meat we send you. Because weights of cuts can vary a bit, we wait until we’ve packed your order to actually charge your card. This means you pay for exactly what you get. Some other meat retailers sell "by the piece" or "by the serving," but we feel it’s clearer to let you know the per pound price.

We ship so that packages arrive on Tuesday or Thursday. There is an option to choose the day you prefer during the checkout process.

Yes, but during the pandemic you should probably stay home.

All meat we sell is frozen. In part this is for inventory management - as a small, family farm, we can’t operate like a supermarket. But we also feel that frozen meat is truly a superior product to most fresh beef.

Your order will come in a box with a curbside recyclable insulated liner and drain-safe ice packs. We also sometimes use dry ice, which should never be touched with bare hands. Allow it to evaporate.

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