Grass Fed Field Guide

A Comprehensive Look at Grass Fed Beef, Pastured Chicken, Diet, the Environment, and Much More

Grass Fed Basics

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Welcome to the Grass Fed Field Guide! There are a lot of big topics that come up when talking about farming, from the intricacies of grass fed beef production to the impact of diet on human health to what lab-grown meat means for small farmers. While there are great, interesting articles about all of these, there's also a lot of misinformation, sloppy writing, and oversimplification. The aim of Grass Fed University is to be an ever-growing hub for articles about all of these that are at once clear and comprehensive.

Immediately below are links to pragmatic guides, like an introduction to grass-based farming, a handy guide for finding grass fed beef near you, a glossary, and a basic guide on how to cook grass fed beef. If you're after big picture ideas, scroll down for an in depth look at the production of grass fed beef, pastured pork, pastured chicken, and grass fed lamb. There are also sections for discussions of the relationship between diet and health, farming and the environment, and the advent of lab-grown meat and other fringe technologies that threaten to disrupt farming as they become more mainstream.

Grass Fed Basics

What does the term grass fed mean? Why does it matter? Do I think chickens should eat only grass? What about humans? Start here to learn about the grass fed basics

Where to Find Grass Fed Beef

Where to go for grass fed beef, but also how to assess what's on offer and some big red flags to look for as you hunt for high quality grass fed products

Grass Fed vs. Pastured

Though both are important, grass fed and pastured are not the same.

All About Grass Fed Chicken

It may sound good, but here's why grass fed chicken is a bad idea.

Why Grass Fed Pork Does Not Exist

There's grass fed beef, but for good reason there is not grass fed pork.

How to Cook Grass Fed Beef

A clear description of the basics characteristics to consider when cooking any meat, and specifically the differences and similarities between grass fed and conventional meat (coming soon)


A list of common farming and eating terms.

Diet and Health

Coming soon!

Beef and the Environment

Coming soon, I promise.

Grass Fed vs. Lab-Grown

Honestly, it's probably going to take me a minute to get to this one.

News and Perspective