Why Buy From Cairncrest Farm

October 29, 2017

When you purchase grass-fed beef, lamb, or pastured pork from our farm, your support makes a difference:

~Fertility goes to feed healthy, verdant New York pastures instead of hypoxic dead zones in the Chesapeake Bay and Gulf of Mexico.

~Cows live in a herd eating fresh grass and hay instead of finishing their lives on a dirt feedlot eating corn.

~Pigs root, graze, and wallow outdoors instead of being crammed into huge, slat-floored barns.

~Grass-fed lambs improve field species composition by eating goldenrod, burdock and other weeds instead of contributing to desertification and the destruction of fragile ecosystems in Australia.

~Ruminants on well managed, permanent pastures help sequester carbon instead of causing the slash-and-burn destruction of South American rainforests.

~Profits contribute to things like dance and piano lessons for our kids instead of increasing Tyson’s share price.

~Supporting local agriculture helps reverse the decline in rural economies and communities instead of increasing the rate at which they lose people and capital.

~Fair wages and labor practices in family owned businesses exist throughout the supply chain instead of slaughterhouses and processors that exploit the most vulnerable people among us.


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