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What We're Eating 01/20/21

January 20, 2021

-If you are interested in a huge number of accessible but comprehensive recipes, with particular focus on Chinese cuisine, check out I have recently made both the Philadelphia Style Pork Sandwich and the Chinese BBQ Pork Buns. The dough used in the pork buns is simple and incredibly versatile. I’ve already used it to make cinnamon rolls, and I think it would be an excellent substitute in most any recipe usually made with brioche.

-A very simple seasoning and a little forethought makes an already delicious leg of lamb transcendent. On Christmas day and again last night I’ve followed this recipe for Slow-Roasted leg of Lamb. Since I haven’t had anchovies around I’ve used a generous dash of Worcestershire sauce, which hits the same notes.

-A great one pan meal: heat the oven to 375, then put in some diced sweet potatoes or squash tossed in butter or olive oil. Fifteen minutes later add some brussel sprouts, and let that all go for another thirty minutes, turning occasionally. For the final ten minutes of roasting add breakfast sausage links. Feel free to season it with salt and pepper to taste, but you might also add some minced shallot, red pepper flakes, or whatever else strikes your fancy.

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