A Cold Start to March

I blame the fact that I grew up in southeast Pennsylvania for my ability to convince myself every year that something resembling spring will arrive the moment the calendar flips to March. And, to be fair, sometimes it does; in both 2012 and 2013 early March came with stretches in the 50s. The long term forecast (which, as always, must be taken with a grain of salt) predicts at least a couple days next week to hit 40. But the first week of March this year has been about as warm as a normal February. To be fair, this is still a little warmer than it had been, since our February temperatures were about 13 degrees below average.

Since Thanksgiving there has been an unprecedented amount of illness on the farm. If it was scurvy or something, and if only Ed and I were affected, I might worry it was caused by the diet. But all of us have been getting each little bug that comes through, so I am more inclined to think preschool, stories at the library, and play time at the gym are actually responsible. In other words, I blame the children.

I’m still convalescing from the latest round, so Alanna volunteered to go take these representative pictures of what March has looked like so far. It’s 14 out right now, and it’s meant to go to -7 this evening. The days are getting longer, and the quality of the light is changing as a result, but that doesn’t mean much when there’s still more than a foot of snow on the ground.


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