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Forage for Pigs

I’m on year three with my pigs. I started out copying Sugar Mtn Farm’s pig feeding program pretty closely – pasture/hay + whey as the source for the vast majority of the calories my pigs ingested (we even went so far as to buy our boar from Sugar Mtn!). I couldn’t make that hog ration work though. The pigs grew …

Edmund BrownForage for Pigs
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Cold Comfort

It’s my impression that pigs feel the cold in a way sheep and cows don’t. The way they jockey for position in the sleeping pile and their diminished interest in sorting through every blade of haylage¬†in the outdoor feeder are a stark contrast to the ruminants, which will happily spend a placid afternoon gathered round their bales, regardless of the …

Garth BrownCold Comfort
grass-fed beef

Snow-fed Beef

This is a few days old now, the snow has melted since I put this post together. I thought I better upload it before it’s even more dated than it already is. Grass-fed beef is an up-and-coming thing these days. In an effort to get ahead of the curve we’re going to start in with a new line of meat …

Edmund BrownSnow-fed Beef
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Winter is here

After a glorious, mostly warm fall, winter decided to roll into place last night. My sows are all done farrowing so I moved the farrowing huts over to the feeder group for shelter. The sows are much more resistant to the cold than the pigs in the 100-200 lb range. Some of my sows are basically legged seals. ¬†Here’s was …

Edmund BrownWinter is here

What do Turkeys do in Winter?

  When I was in college I had a room to myself in a suite of sorts. Feeling kind of lonely I decided to get a pet, so stupidly I went to a pet store. After a bit of deliberation I decided a bird would strike the right balance between being low-maintenance and holding my interest. Edmund: How much is …

Edmund BrownWhat do Turkeys do in Winter?