Pastured pork chops in maple mustard sauce. (Also good for grass-fed beef!)

Recipe: Pork Chops with Maple Mustard Sauce

Like a boutonniere on a lapel, a sauce hints at a life philosophy. By requiring a level attention beyond the strictly utilitarian, it suggests respect for aesthetics and a valuing of everyday pleasures. But come on – you wouldn’t pin a rose on your polo for a trip to the hardware store, and you shouldn’t make hollandaise five nights a week. …

Garth BrownRecipe: Pork Chops with Maple Mustard Sauce

Recipe: Ramps with Bacon

Ramps are only in season briefly, and this year they’ve arrived all at once. I expect them to be around for at least another couple weeks, but I can’t claim to understand exactly what determines how long they persist, so it’s best to enjoy them while they’re around. This is doubly true on my farm, where the cover of deciduous …

Garth BrownRecipe: Ramps with Bacon
Grass-fed beef kitchen

Pork Meatball & Rice Noodle Soup

Developing a good recipe is difficult, and figuring out how to write it is even harder, so I apologize in advance for this novice effort and for the even more novice video that accompanies it. This simple soup consists of pork meatballs, sauteed vegetables, rice noodles, and chicken broth. Keeping the ingredients separate is a little more work than it …

Garth BrownPork Meatball & Rice Noodle Soup
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Recipe: Pork Liver Pâté

I have read in the paleo-sphere and ancestral eating circles alike about the numerous benefits of eating liver. And then there are those anecdotal stories about native peoples killing an animal and immediately eating the organ meats and throwing most of the lean muscle to their dogs. I have dutifully cooked chicken livers in butter with onions and enjoyed what …

Garth BrownRecipe: Pork Liver Pâté