100% Grass-fed Beef

To me, 100% grass-fed and finished beef means our cattle never eat grains or grain byproducts at any time in their lives. I wish there was a way to convey this to (new) customers succinctly and in such a way it wasn’t necessary for further explanation and questions. I wish the term “grass-fed” conveyed this level of production rigor. My cattle …

Edmund Brown100% Grass-fed Beef
grass-fed beef, pastured pork

Bamboo Yield

For those of you who may not be familiar with the term, “bro science,” is when a dude (it’s always a dude) makes a few casual observations about a phenomenon and then launches into sweeping generalizations he proclaims loudly, widely, and authoritatively. When Garth and I run experiments on the farm we generally refer to them as “cowbro science” because …

Edmund BrownBamboo Yield
grass-fed beef

Snow-fed Beef

This is a few days old now, the snow has melted since I put this post together. I thought I better upload it before it’s even more dated than it already is. Grass-fed beef is an up-and-coming thing these days. In an effort to get ahead of the curve we’re going to start in with a new line of meat …

Edmund BrownSnow-fed Beef
grass-fed beef, pastured pork


Grass-fed beef has a patina of  good enviro-ethic stewardship to it. Without grains there is little or no need to turn soil and with it cause problems like of erosion and fertilizer run-off from tilling. It’s a good story, but as with any product as varied and variable as grass-fed beef reality is a mixed bag. There are about as …

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Movie Review: Cowspiracy

I published this review about a year ago on the old blog, but I’m reposting it here now because I see that Netflix has begun streaming the film. Also, pictured above is PHOTOGRAPHIC EVIDENCE that I know a pile of cow, um, poop when I see one.  -Garth As I set out to write about the documentary Cowspiracy, two problems …

Garth BrownMovie Review: Cowspiracy

Grazing Pigs

I don’t have any photos of my pigs grazing. They mostly rooted when I rotated them around the pasture last year and there is still snow on frozen soil here today. For a whole host of reasons I don’t like bare dirt, and the pigs I have now are quite skilled at creating it. I have plans for the coming …

Edmund BrownGrazing Pigs


As promised last Tuesday, I’m going to continue with the pig theme for a few long posts. I hope you’ll stick it out as I could use your help at the end of my next piece, and you will better understand the issue after reading this one and the upcoming installment. I wanted to get a picture of the whole …

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