Recipe: Ramps with Bacon

Ramps are only in season briefly, and this year they’ve arrived all at once. I expect them to be around for at least another couple weeks, but I can’t claim to understand exactly what determines how long they persist, so it’s best to enjoy them while they’re around. This is doubly true on my farm, where the cover of deciduous …

Garth BrownRecipe: Ramps with Bacon

How Do You Eat Raw Meat?

The short answer is “don’t,” the longer answer is “very carefully.” Cooking meat has become a cultural norm for a variety of reasons. Cooked meat tastes good, and it is more nutritious, or at least has more available calories. Cooking makes tough cuts tender. But these days the single biggest reason most people cook food is safety. Heat can kill …

Garth BrownHow Do You Eat Raw Meat?
grass-fed beef

Late Winter Surprise

I fail constantly as a farmer. We got sheep a bit over a year ago. Last June when the lambs came Garth read about a supposedly common practice among shepherds. Rather than fully castrate their lambs some people apparently just band the scrotum so the testicles can’t properly descend. With too much body heat all sperm are supposed to be …

Edmund BrownLate Winter Surprise
grass-fed beef

Cold Exposure

About six weeks ago Alanna and I watched a short documentary about Wim Hof. While it’s clear that Wim is considerably more open to scientific scrutiny than most people who claim to have developed new ways to confer tremendous health benefits, I have not been able to find much evidence for his claims about the efficacy of hyperventilation to promote …

Garth BrownCold Exposure
grass-fed beef

A Magical Food System

Here’s a fun thought experiment: imagine you had a machine in your home that could synthesize a few cheap, easily available ingredients into any food item you might want. You could have an app on your phone from which you could select a full menu, and this machine would perfectly execute each dish to your particular specifications. It could synthesize …

Garth BrownA Magical Food System
grass-fed beef

Spring in February

A February thaw on the farm usually consists of hammering rain, howling wind, and temperatures in the high thirties or maybe forty. In other words, it gets rid of the snow and softens the ground, but it’s even more unpleasant than a typical winter day. But the past few days have been sunny with temperatures getting into the fifties, and, …

Garth BrownSpring in February
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How Not to Survive Doomsday

Pictured above: a food storage structure that probably won’t save my life if modern society implodes. If Evan Osnos, writing in the latest issue of The New Yorker, is to be believed, a significant portion of the wealthiest among us are preparing for the apocalypse by purchasing bunkers, guns, and land in New Zealand. If and when society collapses, they …

Garth BrownHow Not to Survive Doomsday
silvopasture, grass-fed beef, pastured pork

Fall Waterfall

The weather turned towards the end of last week. A few snowflakes fell amidst the rain, but it stayed above freezing, which really wasn’t much of a blessing. There’s a misery particular to the damp coldness that leaks through the seams of your coat and over the top of your boots and doesn’t even leave a picturesque snowscape to show …

Garth BrownFall Waterfall